On land, on sea…

We’ve recorded shows on cruise ships, (what’s the voltage today?) in the coat closet, in the mountains, on the seashore, in prison, etc. Basically anywhere there is an event, we can be there.

Satellites, orchestras, multiple stages, all of it is part of a normal days’ work. Our equipment consists of a variety of industry-standard gear all packaged in compact and efficient 19″ equipment racks designed to give you good clean tracks, and a reliable clean mix. We also have a recording trailer outfitted with video monitors, PL system, and everything else you would need for any major TV awards show.

Our normal equipment compliment is usually sufficient to record and mix most shows with which we are involved. If you need specialized gear, it’ll be there. Our facility features a comfortable control room for clean, open monitoring.

The trailer features:

  • Air conditioning
  • 208/240 volt isolation transformer
  • Fully transformer-isolated tie-lines
  • Behringer/Midas X32 console & X32 Core
  • 32 Remote-control mic preamps
  • Tactical Cat5 snake
  • UPS’s on all audio equipment
  • Video monitoring
  • RTS PL system w/beltpacks and biscuits
  • 48 channel splitter systems
  • Variety of dynamic, condenser, ribbon, shotgun, lav mics
  • Variety of mic stands and thousands of feet of mic cable

Just call to discuss any of the specific items that you require. (818) 562-3102