You’re having a live event. You want to record it or broadcast it live. What do you do?.You need expertise in recording/mixing your event live. Whether you are recording a live album, shooting a live TV show, broadcasting your event over the local radio station, or uplinking via satellite to carry the show live to the world – TPR can handle the audio feed for you.

Let’s face it. You’ve got picture and you’ve got sound. Sometimes you’ve just got sound. Either way, the audio is one of the most important aspects of your program. And if it’s music, then it’s just that much more important. If you’ve made the decision to do it, then it’s important enough to do it right. It’s the difference between professional production, and a hobby. If you want your event to reach beyond the walls of the club or stadium, then you are going to have to provide quality sound.

A feed from the PA console is NEVER good enough. Take a look at a few of the places we’ve been and some of the people we’ve had the privilege to work with. We know what we’re doing.

So if you have a show to record or broadcast that falls somewhere between a stand-up comic and the Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies, then you just might want to give us a call, or just shoot us an email and we’ll contact you. With TPR it’s “No Problem.”

We are very affordable and we’re good at what we do. And we really like what we do.